Prayer Letter 5/8/2018

De Souza’s Prayer letter              5/8/18  

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” Matt. 25:40

Praying for More Workers! – A recent post by Dr. Tim Kubacki,
SIM missionary physician in Angola  

“About 6 hr in the air today with MAF back to Lubango. It’s been a full week with way too many ill people to see and not nearly enough time. We did many consultations and left as many unseen. How can we possibly bring a few more workers to so many needs?”


We are willing and wanting to go!  Would you prayerfully consider reaching out with the love of God to the precious people of Angola by helping us?  You would be an answer to countless prayers!  We can’t do it on our own.  We need a team of brothers and sisters who are willing to pray for us and give of the resources God has graciously provided.  More from Dr. Kubacki:  “Maturity… According to Jesus, our maturity is revealed in our preoccupation with Him and our preoccupation with benefiting others, and the lack of preoccupation with ourselves.  The world around us communicates the opposite in that we must be preoccupied with self in order to develop as a person.  The messages of so many churches, week after week, focus on my growth, my relationship with God, my holiness, my fruit, my peace, my contentment, my salvation, etc. and, by doing so, completely miss the other-emphasis of Jesus and His kingdom.  He calls us to be preoccupied with Him and with them, not with me!” “Basics…  It’s tough seeing people every day who have neither the most basic of their needs, nor the opportunity to obtain the same… We dismiss Jesus’ priorities today, and so many suffer as a result.  Before Jesus said He would be with us always, for example, He commanded us to GO and do what He did and He would GO with us.   We sure hear a lot about His presence with us always, yet so little about abandoning our lives to go where-ever.”

Updates on our Journey:  We are Getting So Close!!!  

This is a road near our soon-to-be home of Lubango, Angola!  It also clearly represents how our journey has felt!  When we started this journey of support-raising and preparation for our move, we had no idea of all the twists, turns, and uphill climbs that awaited us!  One of the missionaries we will be working with told us that there are three things we will need in Angola: #1 Patience, #2 Patience, and #3 Patience.  We believe that among many other things, God is using this experience to teach us patience!  We can just about see the town and even hear the sounds ahead of us now, which is so exciting!  

We have begun our application process for our Angolan visas.  Since we will be there long-term, this is a complicated process. Right now we are waiting for a letter of invitation which needs to be sent from the Angolan government to the Angolan Consulate in the USA.  Please pray that this letter will be sent quickly!


In our last letter we were praising God that our launch fund is full!  Now we are so excited to share that we are at 80% for our monthly support!  We are so close and yet there is still quite a need!   THANK YOU to so many of you who have chosen to be part of this team through prayer and financial support, sharing the love of Christ to the needy and the message of the Gospel to those who are living and dying without it!  We can’t do this without you!!!
To those of you who have not become involved, there is still plenty of room on the team! 
  First, we need dedicated prayer partners.  We will be facing tough situations, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  We need those of you who would be willing to stand in the gap for us! 

Second, we still need those of you who would be willing to give financially.  We can’t all go, but most of us can give!  Our main financial need is for monthly or recurrent givers, but any amount, in any frequency is a huge blessing to us and to the people we will serve. 

Please prayerfully consider how God would have you get involved!

*All gifts are tax-deductible  
Click Here to Join Our Ministry Team!  
To Give Online without Using the Above Link:
1. Visit:
2.  Enter Eduardo or Jocelyn De Souza
3. Enter Missionary #044522

Can’t give online? Send checks to: SIM USA, PO Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241
Please write “De Souza #044522” in the memo line.  

Please Pray for Us! For Our Visas.  We will be dealing with the Consulate in Houston instead of Washington D.C.  Please pray that our letter of invitation from the Angolan government would be sent quickly to the Houston Consulate.  Also pray for favor and protection as we travel to Houston to finish our application process.

For Financial Provision.  Pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of those that would join our team to share God’s love in Angola.

For the Lord’s Guidance and Help with all of the Details Ahead of Us.  We continue meeting with individuals and churches, dealing with mountains of bureaucracy, packing (no easy feat for a family of 6 moving overseas), and saying difficult “goodbyes.”

For Smooth Transitions for Our Children and Ourselves.  Please pray for peace, health and protection (physical, emotional and spiritual). Also pray for Jocelyn’s parents as it will be hard for them to see us move so far away. For Angola.  Please pray for CEML Hospital, the Missionaries there, and the Precious People to whom they are Ministering.  

How Can We Pray for You? We would also like to keep you in our prayers.  
Please let us know how we can be praying for you!   De Little Delightful De Souza’s  

After a loooooong Minnesota winter, the kids are enjoying the Minnesota mud season!  Watch out, Africa, here they come!!!

They are finishing up their homeschool year and getting excited about our move!  Please keep them in your prayers!  

May the Lord Bless you and Keep You!
Let’s Keep Serving Him Together!

With Love,

The De Souza Family    

Our Story
  Who are we?  We are just regular people, saved by our awesome God!  We would have been completely lost and broken if it were not for the saving love and grace of God.  To see a film of our story please click on this link:  We have learned that no matter the depths of pain we have felt, no matter the mess we have made of our lives, we are never so lost that His grace can’t save us.  There is always hope in Jesus!


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