In Angola 8/20/2018

We are home in Angola!!!  Quick update…                                                      08/20/18 Thank you all for the prayers during our long journey and our transition to our new home! God has been so faithful, protecting us and sustaining us through it all!

This is just a quick update to let you all know that we are well and adjusting to life in Angola.  We arrived to our new home on Aug. 9th, with each of our four children and all 24 pieces of luggage!  Praise the Lord! 
Our trip started with us driving to the Twin Cities on Aug. 5th, flying to Boston on the 6th, arriving in Qatar on the 7th, then Namibia, Africa on the 8th.  The most difficult part of the trip was that, upon arriving in Namibia, we had to get ourselves and all of our luggage through customs and to a hotel.
  The next day, we had to get our luggage back to the airport to fly to Angola.  We finally celebrated Jocelyn’s birthday on August 9th by arriving in Angola, very jet-lagged and sleep-deprived.  It was definitely a birthday to remember.  Waiting for us at the airport was a fleet of new friends and vehicles ready to take us and our luggage to our new home!

Not only was the trip exhausting, but we were tired before it even started with all of the last minute packing and preparing. Another thing we hadn’t realized beforehand was the wearying effect that the high altitude would have on all of us!  Wow!  What a journey!  We have been here a week, and are finally feeling functional!

Our activities over the past week:
  We have been settling into our new home and have been getting to know our missionary colleagues, as many have invited us to their homes for meals. They have also oriented us to the important places in the city – grocery stores, the bank, cell and internet companies, the open market, and a few of the breathtaking views.
One challenge we face is adapting to the driving here. When we lived on the Texas-Mexico border, we thought that driving in Mexico was difficult, but driving here makes Mexico seem like a piece of cake! Please pray for safety for us and all of the pedestrians, motorcyclists, and vehicles around us!!!  We are amazed at how the children are adjusting well, despite enduring the arduous trip and arriving in a place that is so new and different.  They have made wonderful new friends. This past week they participated in soccer camp and had a blast. Most of the time they are happy, but they occasionally are tearful, missing grandparents.  Please keep them in your prayers! Cienna (2 years) asked if we could go to Mema and Pepa’s house and I said, “We can’t, they are too far away, all the way across the ocean.” She said, “That’s OK.  We can swim.”

We will soon send a full newsletter.  This is just to let you know that we have arrived safely and are adjusting well.  We are so thankful to each one of you that is here with us through prayer and/or support.  We couldn’t do this without you!!! Click Here to Join Our Ministry Team!
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Getting here has been quite a journey! Thank you for walking with us! We are excited to see what God has planned for us around the next bend!

With Love,

The De Souza Family
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